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How Does The SDS Pensions System Work?

SDS has developed what is arguably the most efficient document management resource aimed at Pension Departments...

The SDS Pension Document Management Suite (PDMS) of software with Waystation drag'n'drop functionality allows you to add your own scanned images, word documents and emails etc. The system allows Organisations, such as yours, to undertake their own scanning in-house whilst retaining the option of outsourcing them, on an ad-hoc basis, to external scanning bureaux of their choice.

The PDMS is tailored to suit your Organisation's particular requirements in respect of Pensions records. For example, instead of a single e-folder for each employee, you could define up to 30 e-folders, each with their own corresponding document types.

Actual Members Information

All of the following fields can be sorted and searched.

  • Surname
  • Forename
  • NI Number
  • DOB
  • Scheme
  • Payroll number
  • Scheme Reference (SS/SA/SM etc)
  • SD number (NHS only)
  • Membership number (USS only)

The following is a typical example, but the particular content would of course be tailored to match your bespoke requirements.

Main Tab: AVCs
Doc. Types: Added years - Lump Sum Added years - Monthly Prudential – Monthly    
Main Tab: Death
Doc. Types: Death Spouses Dependants    
Main Tab: Divorce
Doc. Types: CETV Pension Sharing      
Main Tab: Estimates
Doc. Types: Benefits Lifetime & Annual Allowance Other    
Main Tab: General Personal
Doc. Types: Nomination forms Certificates Addresses Other  
Main Tab: General Correspondence
Doc. Types: Queries Other Nominee Change Estimate  
Main Tab: Transfers In
Doc. Types: 1 2 3 4  
Main Tab: In Service
Doc. Types: Starter / Unit transfer form Sick Leave Other Paid Leave Unpaid Leave  
  Maternity / Paternity / Family Leave YE Returns Scheme Service    
  Salaries and Contributions Data Reconciliations Other    
Main Tab: Leaving
Doc. Types: Opt Out Refund Preserved Minutes Transfer Out
Main Tab: Retirement
Doc. Types: Ill Health Early-voluntary Early Severance Normal Late

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