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The Business Case for a Pensions EDM

So, what are the reasons for document scanning and Electronic Document Management (EDM)?

The paper-based document systems employed by majority of UK Pension Departments do not include an Electronic Document Management (EDM) facility. Yet, electronic capture, management and storage of documents are a vital components of any efficient, modern administration solution, delivering key benefits including reduced error rates, improved turnaround times and lower storage costs.

Current paper-based document systems limit the Pensions Department's ability to share information quickly across the department and other locations. When they are shared, the documents are at a high risk of being lost or damaged.

A modern, stand-alone EDM system can be easily "bolted on" to a modern Pension Administration Software System (PASS) because the latter has very likely been so designed. The majority of PASS market leaders already use third party software for their EDM solutions. SDS Pensions is proud to be one of those solutions.

SDS HR&P can implement a bespoke web-based EDM precisely tailored to any Pensions Department specification. Such will provide electronic document and image retrieval; Pensions Departmentuser training; secure collection of current member records for scanning and digitising; electronic transfer of existing documents and images to the organisation's data base; scanning and transfer of existing member files; and shredding of scanned member files as and when requested by the Pensions Department.

All digital transfers are performed using industry standard security measures, methods and protocols. All transfer, storage and access mechanisms are subject to industry standard security measures, methods and protocols that are fully compliant with data protection legislation. For example, all electronic transfers via the Internet are processed through a secure system, access to which is strictly by controlled by multi-level Username and Password controls, administered by the appropriate staff within the parent organisation. The system includes audit logs that record both the personnel and the document activities an account of which is vital for the Pensions Department's security and monitoring compliance.

Thus, SDS HR&P offers a cost-effective and convenient means of gathering, storing and accessing pension records and other archive materials on a secure web server via systems that are suited to your business. At the click of a mouse button, your entire Pensions Department can have instant, yet secure and audited, access to your otherwise cumbersome records.

We of course offer a comprehensive indexing system that is tailored to meet your specific requirements. As you might expect, your staff will be able to search by name, or NI Number, or any number and combination of other fields. In fact, we are able to mirror your existing manual storage system, and more importantly, we can improve upon it. You will gain immediate, convenient and secure retrieval of any type of records, from your office computers. No longer will you need to have masses of files, stored in bulky cabinets, taking up valuable space and darining even more valuable staff time as they conduct prolonged manual searches.


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